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Goal Setting

Goal setting is the process of defining your priorities, then creating a measurable plan to achieve your goals. It is a useful tool in time management, as well as in figuring out what you wish to accomplish. A goal is a specific aim or target- a good goal should be specific, measurable, and attainable. One way of making strong goals is the SMART method:

 S pecific
 M easurable 
 A chievable
 R ealistic
 T imely 

  1. Identify your big picture goal - think about what you want to work towards

    • ex)​ I want to be more healthy

  2. Break down the the big picture goal into smaller scaler SMART goals

    • ex) I will walk 30 minutes every day​

  3. Identify the obstacles you may face

    • ex) lack of motivation​

  4. Think of methods or incentives to overcome obstacles

    • ex) If I walk half an hour, I can watch an episode of my favorite show​

  5. Create a tracking system and monitor your progress - hold yourself accountable and recognize your accomplishments

How to set smart goals

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