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How to Identify your Goals

One of the hardest parts of goal setting is figuring out exactly what your goal is. Luckily, there are some simple ways of figuring this out.

  1. Think of distinct categories you can set goals in. Some common categories:

    • Social

    • Career

    • Education

    • Physical

    • Pleasure/leisure 

  2. Think about what you want in each category

    • How do you relax or make time for yourself?

    • What do you want to achieve in your education or career?

  3. If you’re stuck, use a questionnaire to identify areas you are unsatisfied with in your life

  4. Think of small changes you can make to create a cumulative change in your lifestyle

    • Not getting enough sleep - aim to sleep half an hour earlier

    • A lot of time spent online or on work -  set a specific time aside each day entirely to yourself

    • Reflect on how you view yourself-  which aspects of yourself you are proud of and which are you not, consider how to change them

  5. Use the SMART goal method to create your goals

Types of questions to help identify goals:

  • What do I want to be remembered?

  • What drives me?

  • What matters to me the most?

  • What does my perfect life look like?

  • How can I get to my perfect life?

  • Would changing my sleep habits positively impact my life?

  • Has social media impacted me, and would changing social media patterns positively benefit me?

  • Do I take breaks between periods online?

  • Am I physically active?

  • Is my view of myself overwhelmingly positive or negative?

  • Am I satisfied with my social life?

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