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Examples of Goals

School related SMART goal:

  • I will study for biology everyday until the biology final for 15 minutes, using weekly practice tests to monitor my progress.​​

    • S: the specific goal is to study for biology

    • M: the progress is measured through weekly practice tests

    • A: this goal is achievable and realistic

    • R: this goal is personal and relevant to the student

    • T: this goal has a timeline- until the biology final

Health related SMART goal:

  • I will practice yoga 3 times a week after I wake up, and will journal how I feel after each session.

    • S: the specific goal is to practice yoga​

    • M: progress is tracked in the journal

    • A: the goal is action-oriented with specific steps to achieve it

    • R: the goal is relevant and personal to the goal-setter

    • T: the goal is time bound, with a 3 days per week commitment

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